Concept mission

Space Campus, with knowledge carrier ESTEC and GRC as an inseparable part of the campus, is the meeting place for the national and (inter)national Space Sector. The place where entrepreneurs, education, research, government and environment meet and share space knowledge and apply technology and data. The breeding ground for innovations, start-ups and scale-ups, the sanctuary for young professionals and the place where new (inter)national activities arise.


Concept Vision: 3 roles, 3 values, 3 phases


3 roles 

The ambition for Space Campus Noordwijk is to be, with knowledge carrier ESTEC and GRC and SBIC as an inseparable part of the campus, the (inter)national meeting place for the Space sector, both physically and virtually, opening-up the gateway to the dutch space ecosystem. With excellent meeting spaces including the yet to be completed International Meeting Facility and the stage of the Space Expo (with further development to Space Experience) as a national business card, it meets the 'awareness' needs of the sector.


ESA ESTEC, GRC en SBIC together with the South Holland Space Cluster (LDE universities, SRON, TNO, industry), are connected via the Space Campus, the European Space Hub in the Netherlands and is therefore part of the European space network. The background to this role is that Noordwijk by the EU is already regarded as a European Space Hub due to the presence of ESTEC, GRC and ESA BIC. In order to strengthen this position and benefit from it more in terms of European funds, it is important that we, as a country and a sector, join forces (companies, education and knowledge institutes, government).


In addition to being a connecting organisation, the Space campus is also a physical location in Noordwijk. ESA ESTEC, ESTEC II and the adjacent Space Business Park all form part of the physical location Space Campus Noordwijk. This is an internationally oriented location for open innovation. This is where research, education, testing and development and new inter(national) activities take place. By linking the know-how and expertise of ESA ESTEC and GRC with the development of new products and services, there is an opportunity to strengthen the space ecosystem of the Netherlands. This in close cooperation with the knowledge institutes, educational and research institutions and companies in the South Holland Space Cluster and also with the nearby Leiden Bio Science Park and Unmanned Valley (Valkenburg location).


3 core values

The campus stimulates cross-sectoral thinking by actively connecting space and non-space, upstream and downstream, companies, educational- and research institutions, national and international government. The campus facilitates companies in their growth and development: the journey from start-up to scale up and the right environment to create value, implementing space technology and exploiting space data to respond to market-oriented issues. This will lead to new business activity, spin-offs, innovation and new economic players who are able to apply knowledge and valorise their products and services successfully.


3 phases

Part of the concept vision is that the future (area) development takes place in phases. An organic development that enables us to ‘free ride’ on the energy of the parties on campus and in the space sector and which suits the campus’ core values (the ability to facilitate, stimulate and apply) and to start with placemaking as soon as possible. Starting small; approachable, modular, flexible and implementable up to a fully-fledged inclusive campus, with spin-off to the immediate environment and region. This includes substantive collaboration, community building and the actual physical development of the area.


Finally, as part of the concept vision, a bold move (proposition) was made in the naming of the campus. Matching the mission and vision, the future ambition and building on the years of marketing of NL Space, the name NL Space Campus has been chosen for now. Also this part of the concept vision is meant as part of the discussion plate, and is intended to stimulate and engage in an open discussion on joint ambition.