Space Expo ready for the next step

Last summer Space Expo celebrated its 30 year-anniversary, in this period of time Space Expo managed to grow from a visitor centre to a great museum. With the development of a new and modern Space Experience Center at the heart of the Space Campus, the plan is to evolve towards a Space Expo 2.0.

"The idea is to bring space closer to people, not only for visitors but also for businesses. Space Expo should be the place where history, development, research and knowledge come together and where like-minded people can meet", says Barbara Hoppel, Director Of Space Expo. Space Expo's target is to grow from 100.000 to 200.000 visitors per year. Space is hot at the moment, during the corona period and the ‘staycation’, some days were completely sold out. That’s why space expo needs to expand, to grow and to take advantage of the public interest. To realise all this, Space Expo likes to get in contact with businesses, investors and creative minds alike.

Space Expo just finished the reconstruction of a new exhibition in cooperation with lots of involved partners in the space industry such as TNO, SRON, ISIS, Airbus, ESA and NSO. Guests can build their own mission in Space Expo's cleanroom. Also, an amazing virtual reality experience was created in cooperation with Space Expo, this experience had to take place in a dedicated area within a few square meters. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 they had to change plans and had to reinvent how to run things Corona proof. In addition, they are working with CGI on some great ideas to show visitors more about the value of satellite data.

At the moment Space Expo has a fully corona proof virtual tour in co-operation with André Kuipers and Sander Koenen 'Mission at the Museum'. The mission takes visitors on a 60 minutes fixed route through the universe and along the museum's special showpieces, accompanied by the fascinating stories of André Kuipers and the interesting queries of science journalist Sander Koenen. Visitors can buy a ticket online and they need to subscribe for a certain time slot.

In the meantime Space Expo wants to innovate the current exhibition with flexible elements that can be moved to a possible new museum.

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