Over a 100 participants at the 2nd & 3rd Network & Drinks

The second and third edition of the NL Space Campus Network & Drinks event were a great success. More than 100 participants from the Space Community (and beyond) attended.

Raoul Voeten, who started as our Commercial Program Manager in April, and Maaike Smelter, who started as our new NL Space Campus Community Manager in May, were both introduced to the NL Space Community. The event was also the stage for the launch of the NL Space Campus brand and brandstory. The new logo and brand identity was revealed and the temporary landing page, with a sneak preview of the new website, went live. The definite website will launch before the summer. "With this new brand we have the foundation from which to develop the campus further. We will fill this in together, only together we can carry out our story to strengthen the ecosystem and make a difference. We did not just do this all by ourselves, we want to thank all the stakeholders for thinking along and helping us with the development of the campus identity", says Esther Peters.

In our #NetworkandDrinks April and May we welcomed multiple unique start-ups, organisations and initiatives to pitch their inspiring stories.

  • Ramon Ras- co-founder of spacefluencers, an online community based network dedicated to connecting young space professionals, enthusiasts and space industry leaders.

  • Ian Fichtenbaum of Bradford space (all the way from New York) talking about the Bradford Square rocket. A fast, affordable and robust space-to-space transportation.

  • Berry Sanders from High Density Energy Storage (HDES), an SBIC incubator, spoke about their Cool Gas Generators, for which they want to commercialise the technology and bring it to market.

  • Mels Wittenberg a student from TU Delft spoke about their Da Vinci satellite. An initiative started by a non-profit student team of Delft University of Technology. Their goal is to inspire and enthuse the youth of the Netherlands for technology and space travel, while emphasising the impact of space travel on our society.

  • Spatialise tries to use the carbon capture potential in Africa by collecting, combining, analysing and visualising spatial data to extract practical insights;

  • Space4Good talked about their ambitions and realised something along the way: “We thought way too small about monitoring air pollution focusing on Europe. We are now even working together with Indonesia.”

  • Juan de Dalmau, President of ISU, said that the International Space University should actually be called the international Space Community: “We help young professionals in their space related jobs. ISU is a great opportunity to expand their network.

  • Akanksha Sharma excitedly talked about the TechSparks opportunity for Dutch Companies in India. She supports Innovation ties between India & the Netherlands. The 12th edition of the India event is India’s largest and most influential startup-tech conference. They are looking for participants from the Netherlands to provide access to market opportunities, doing business in India sessions, B2B matchmaking, be part of the Holland pavilion and network opportunities. If you are interested, contact her at

After the pitches everyone was invited back to the floor where they could continue to simply just network with one another or to discuss further on any of the above topics at the pitcher dedicated tables.

Next event Every last Thursday of the month we host a special #NetworkandDrinks for everyone interested in Space, where multiple start-ups and innovative companies pitch their potential and ideas. The next NL Space Network & Drinks event will be on Thursday the 24th of June. If you are not yet on our mailing list, please subscribe so that you stay well informed about our upcoming events and news. Link to event on the 24th.

Interested in pitching your potential and ideas? Send an email to

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