Marmoris helps giving coral reefs a fighting chance with use of satellite data

Marmoris, the latest addition to ESA BIC Noordwijk’s incubation program for space based businesses, uses space technology like radar and optical remote sensing to make coral reef restoration and conservation efforts easier, faster and cheaper.

The startup combines remote sensing, GIS and AI to create a warning tool and a decision support system, in which stakeholders can take data-informed measures. For instance, one can set a trigger when temperatures near reefs are getting unusual. For those who just want the data like statistics, graphs or maps, Marmoris is offering insights through geospatial analysis.

The founding team of Marmoris consists of Parya Pasha Zadeh (Strategy & Management), Samantha Krawczyk (Product Research & Development) and Angela Sindic (Technology & Methods). Parya and Samantha, both having a background Geoinformation Science already worked together before on several remote sensing projects and proposals. During SBIC's space hackathon, they met Angela, a Computer Scientist (bioinformatics), specialised in AI and data analysis. The cooperation went very smoothly and it just clicked. They ended up winning the hackathon!

Right after the hackathon, the synergy of the team fuelled an entrepreneurial spark that was fully ignited during the Ignition Program, a pre-incubation program where founders can tweak their space business idea. Parya: “It offered us validation and proof that we can have the desired impact. There, the idea of a business with the three of us became serious.”

Eventually, Marmoris is aiming to scale up to other markets within coastal ecosystems. The focus on coral reefs though is something that matters to the founders foremost. “It is necessary as the survival of reefs all over the world simply is in grave danger due to the climate crisis and mismanagement. That’s why we want to be impact oriented first with a focus on coral reefs”, says Parya. “The technology and products we will develop can then be applied to businesses like aquaculture and tourism or the monitoring of adjacent coastal habitats like kelp forests and mangroves.”

Want to find out more?

Marmoris will be pitching during the next NL Space Campus Network & Drinks on Thursday 24 June. They will explain more about their activities during their 3 minute pitch. You can also join them during the social network part of the event, where they will have a dedicated table for further discussion.

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