Space Campus is the meeting place for the international space sector, with ESA ESTEC, the ESA Bic, the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC) and the Space Expo as inseparable anchor points. It should become a central place for the space community where entrepreneurs, educational institutions, research organisations, government organisations and other (societal) stakeholders meet, initiate cooperation and stimulate and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, aimed at the application of space knowledge, data and technology. 


The place and breeding ground where innovations, start-ups and scale-ups can grow and where students, scientists and young professionals come together and collaborate. 


The Space Campus stimulates and facilitates the exchange of knowledge between ESA ESTEC and GRC to the Dutch and international space ecosystems. That is our mission. 

In our vision, besides the physical location in Noordwijk (including ESA ESTEC, SBIC, Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), Space Expo and the high tech upstream and downstream companies already located in Noordwijk), Space Campus is also the platform and gateway to the Dutch space cluster and the European Space hub, together with the powerful space cluster around it. 
In the coming period these roles will be further elaborated and translated into a new branding and positioning. At this moment the official name is still Space Campus Noordwijk (SCN). 

It is the ambition to make the Space Campus a hotspot for innovative space related start-ups, scale-ups and established companies that use ESA and GRC driven services and that stimulate and facilitate the application of space technology and data, as well as cross-sector collaboration. 

An open innovation ecosystem in which different blood groups (entrepreneurs, education, research, government and environment) come together and in which organizations on campus are facilitated and stimulated to work together and apply and share knowledge, strengthen each other and accelerate growth. This is done in close cooperation with both national and international governments and interest groups such as Space Ned. The development path we see before us is characterized by phased growth.